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The dental marketplace is rapidly changing and, if dentists are to remain the primary dental practice owners, the business of private practice dentistry must change along with it. The high cost of a dental school education and the reduction of fees for dental services by third parties are just two of many challenging variables that are in play. In addition, the cost of private practice business consulting services has grown out of reach for many existing and aspiring practice owners.

With these challenges in mind we are committed to creating and sharing material to help dentists lead and manage their practices as efficient businesses. Our belief is that the patients, dentists, and the dental profession thrives when practices are owned by dentists.

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Practice Management Fundamentals

Business Systems

Private Dental Practice Business Systems


Introduction to Marketing in a Dental Practic

Regulatory Compliance

Introduction to Regulatory Compliance in Dental Practice

Stage 2 — Core

Level 1

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Level 2

Video 2

Level 3

6 Pillars of Digital Marketing: How to Design Your Program

Level 3

The Top 25 Most Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Level 3

SEO Best Practices to Generate New Patients

Stage 3 — Advanced

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