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At Perry Consulting, you will find we offer a variety of services to meet your needs. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and keep informed of the latest strategies and trends to grow your dental practice.

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Dental Benefits Transitions

The variety of dental insurance plans has grown to a mind boggling level. Doctors are often uncertain if it makes strategic sense to be contracted with a particular plan. An analysis can determine the wisdom and feasibility of a transition into or out of a plan. The methodology and strategy for implementation of a transition is critical for patient retention.

Services Offered
PPO Provider Contract Cancellations
Addition of PPOs
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Strategic Planning

The dental marketplace has become ever more complex. The strategic options for practice structure and business planning are more varied than ever. The best options for each practice are dependent upon mutiple factors including the owner’s definition of professional success.

Services Offered
Vision Development
Business Planning
Marketing Plan Development
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Practice Systems Efficiency

Quality Practice Management is largely achieved through the creation and implementation of business systems. Different practice models require different systems.

Services Offered
Pricing of Services
Efficient Patient Scheduling
Effective Case Presentation
Efficient Hygiene Departments
Overhead Management
Human Resource Compliance
Leadership and Management
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Practice Ownership Transition

Dentists near retirement are often seeking less costly alternatives to brokered sales of their practices, and want to be sure they are selecting a successor who will care for patients and employees as they have. Some dentists want to expand their presence in the dental marketplace by acquiring additional practices. Some want the opportunity to work with buyers as associates before transitioning. Some want to continue as an associate for a time after the sale. Finally, some want to retain part ownership by taking on a partner.

Services Offered
Recruitment of Associates Who Will Become Buyers
Facilitation of Practice Sales
Formation of Partnerships
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Group Lectures

Lectures for Conventions, Dental Societies, and Study Groups Each of these lectures can be presented as an overview or as in-depth continuing education. Each is available in a 90 minute, ½ day, or full day program.

Services Offered
“The Future of Private Dental Practice”
"Dental Benefits, What’s Going on Out There?”
“Quality and Efficiency, Your Hygiene Department”
“Effective Case Presentation, Getting Patients to Yes”
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