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Michael Perry, DDS

Dr. Michael Perry was in private practice for 35 years. He has also been a dental private practice business consultant for the past 19 years. He was the founder and president of Momentum Dental Business Consulting which was acquired by the California Dental Association in 2014. Dr. Perry worked full time for CDA from 2014 to 2018, first as the Director of Practice Management, and later as a Strategic Counselor for The Dentists Service Company. Dr. Perry has also held a number of volunteer positions at CDA including the Council on Membership, and chairmanships of the Dental Benefits Taskforce and Practice Support Center Taskforce. Dr. Perry has coached hundreds of dentists on how to achieve their version of professional success in a changing marketplace.

Brock Dumont

The son of a well-regarded and successful dentist, Brock has been providing financial and business advice to dental practices for 35 years. He has helped 1000+ practices create action plans and wealth accumulation strategies, and develop business targets for improved company performance while mentoring and coaching towards measurable goals and expanding skills. A former team member of Mercer Advisors for over 11 years, Brock led an executive team of 10 advisors and personally managed $200 million in assets and portfolios on behalf of his clients.

Ali Oromchian


Ali Oromchian, J.D., LL.M. is one of the nation’s leading dental lawyers on topics relevant to dentists. His clients seek his advice on practice acquisitions and sales, creation of corporations and partnerships, associate contracts, employment law matters, office leasing, and state board defense. He’s the founder of Dental and Medical Counsel, P.C. law firm which is regarded as one of the preeminent dental law firms devoted to dental entrepreneurs.
He also founded HR for Health, which is the leader in providing web-based human resources solutions and advice for dentists ensuring HR compliance for dental practices, protecting them from employment law risks.
Mr. Oromchian is recognized as an exceptional speaker and educator that simplifies complex legal topics and has lectured extensively throughout the United States.

Jessica Edgerton


Jessica's background in digital marketing is essential in today's competitive dental marketplace. She specializes in understanding and implementing successful strategies in healthcare marketing. Enabling practices to automate their marketing channels, create unforgettable patient experiences and ultimately attract new, loyal patients. Previously, as a marketing advisor for The Dentists Service Company she focused on helping dental offices build patient loyalty, establish their brand in the local community and increase their new patient base. Jessica took the time to understand a practice’s mission and goals, essentially becoming an extension of the dental team. This allowed her to create a successful marketing strategy tailored to each client’s needs and goals. She also worked as a marketing administrator for the California Dental Association, as well as a research and strategy specialist with Ethology Digital Marketing Agency. She specializes in creating unique, comprehensive marketing strategies and improving the patient experience.

Ashlee Adams


After a decade working in various roles in the dental industry Ashlee experienced firsthand the challenges many dental practices face in today's competitive market. In April 2018 he dedicated himself to helping dentists across the country overcome these financial and emotional challenges by establishing Adams Dental Consulting.Ashlee began his dental career over a decade ago as a regional manager with a dental support organization (DSO), overseeing operations in multiple dental offices with combined revenues of $25 million. His role was to lead revenue and profit growth in alignment with each practice's owner dentist while maintaining high levels of employee engagement and patient retention.His transition to helping private practice doctors occurred in 2016 when he joined a subsidiary of the California Dental Association, TDSC, as a strategic consultant. His expertise includes practices of varying size and complexity, working with pediatrics, orthodontics, general dentists with multiple associates and single practitioners. In his role with TDSC he oversaw a team of dynamic advisors who leveraged their knowledge to support dental offices in achieving practice goals. As a strategic counselor with The Dentists Service Company, Ashlee was dedicated to meeting the business needs of clients.He specializes in the creation of customized plans, designed to provide dentists with the necessary tools and support to make their practice vision a reality. Helping others is at the core of everything he does, and he truly believes in the servant leadership philosophy of Simon Sinek: Leaders Eat Last.experience.

Savannah Elliott


Savannah has been passionate about the dental industry since she got her start as an operations manager at a DSO in 2008. After that, she worked as a compliance and quality control manager for The Dentists Insurance Company, where she served as special investigations manager. Some of her responsibilities included conducting new hire and annual employee trainings and reporting any suspected fraudulent activity to the California Department of Insurance.At ADC she manages our amazing and knowledgeable team of remote billers; ensuring timely and accurate insurance claims are sent on behalf of our clients. She’s also ADC’s all-knowing regulatory compliance wizard. Providing in-office C.E. trainings from OSHA to the Dental Practice Act.She was born and raised in Sacramento and, when she’s not in the office, you can find her playing Super Mom to her kids.

J Maylee Oddo

Maylee is the CEO of Hycomb Marketing, the first marketing agency set up exclusively to serve dentists in the U.S. Hycomb provides full service, rapid response marketing, excelling in online presence and reputation. Maylee brings leadership, business savvy, elite customer service, expert marketing, and a background in data and technology to Hycomb. A founding member of Living Life Solutions whose mission is to help awaken people’s desires, create movement and the future people envision, Maylee is committed to the highest level of excellence in services and products, desiring to advance and support the mission and goals of others.

In her spare time, Maylee has managed three Oregon political school levy and bond election campaigns, the last of which passed at 71.3%, the highest percentage of votes of all school funds measures in Oregon that year. Total combined funds raised for the Ashland School District through the passage of measures for which she managed and contributed was $85 million. Maylee is the President of the Board of Directors for the Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team and is a member of the Northwestern University Alumni and Admissions Council. She has chaired the Ashland School District Budget Committee numerous times, is a past Board President and past Interim Executive Director for the nationally recognized award-winning Ashland Independent Film Festival, former Board Chair of the Ashland Schools Foundation and the former Board President and co-founder of the Lincoln Elementary School PTO.

Maylee has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University and has worked for manufacturing firms throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.